Why compliance is dead – except to avoid going to prison. Future regulations, taxes, taxation, standards and public expectations, corporate and social responsibility (CSR) and impact on business leaders, management decisions and profit

www.globalchange.com Compliance will keep you out of prison but will not protect your job or brand — because every regulation is based on things which happened in the past. Every new scandal creates demand for new regulation and public emotion changes. You will be judged not by whether you complied with what was legal at the time, but by whether it feels “right” in future. Many examples from banking, financial services, legal advisory services, compliance departments. Environmental standards, single issues, activism, campaigns, media, illegal action, unethical behaviour, business ethics and public policy. Business management. Court cases and government action. Health and safety, water supplies and pollution, air quality and so on. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, futurist, leading authority on global trends and conference speaker.